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What price would you put on your family?

I walk outside to warm my car up and take my boys to school, and… my place in the driveway was empty.  PUZZLED, I was…. “WHAT! I say”…. “COULDN’T BE!” I think…. “OH NO!!” screamed out of my mouth.

In panic, I call my husband (who is out of town).  He accessed our personal “GeoTrack” web page. He immediately finds our new car driving north of us.  “The vehicle has been stolen, FOR SURE!” he says.  I give him our local police contact info, and he begins recovery for the vehicle….Police by ground…. Police by air!!

THEN.   The vehicle turned around (garage door opener in the car), and HEADED BACK TO OUR HOME. 


My husband disabled the vehicle upon first accessing the site, and when they turned off the car for a bit just before getting here, they could no longer start it back up. 

My car was saved: not a scratch or dent. My family was saved.  My home was saved.

And, I had the car back in 2 hours.

And to think that I fought my husband in the dealership, for spending one more dollar on anything else, including the GeoTrack system (that we would “never” use, for God’s sake).

 It saved more than the car, it saved our family.

K Myers

Sonoma, CA

GeoTrack 1, Car-Jackers 0 - Atlanta, GA

It only takes a moment to become the victim of a carjacking.

A customer having her car serviced at an Atlanta luxury car dealership, was driving a loaner car when she suddenly became the victim of a carjacking. Fortunately she was not harmed; however the thief did succeed in taking her loaner car.

The police and dealership were notified immediately. Using the GeoTrack system, covertly installed on the loaner vehicle, they successfully tracked and disabled the vehicle in less than 12 minutes!

Data received from GeoTrack indicated that the thief unsuccessfully tried to start the vehicle eleven times before abandoning it and leaving the keys in the backseat. Moments later the police arrived and secured the vehicle.

GeoTrack utilizes GPS satellites and a wireless network with coast-to-coast coverage that tracks your vehicle anytime, anywhere.

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